Message from the Principal

message from principal

It is of upmost importance in the modern world to not only have knowledge but to transform it to certain skills to be able to compete in the international market. There can be a vast difference between knowing and doing. Established in 1961 AD, Brahma Rupa Secondary School, Kaski not only focuses on providing learning elements but also provides practical education for better understanding of the contents the students learn.

I would like to thank the stakeholders, guardians and the local public for making the resources, equipment available. The innovative methods provided by the school helps in purposeful and effective learning. Also, it is needless to say that the roles of the guardians and staff members are important in shaping the student’s future. For this, I encourage them to participate in the meetings and seminars that the school organizes so that the problems can be discussed and eliminated. I hope they continue to provide their time and support for this cause to help us grow.

With Regards - Mr. Durgalal P.

Principal - Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School